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A Veterans Adaptive Cycling Community.

Its an unfortunate fact but due to Injury, Trauma and more associated with Military Service We Veterans can often lose our Motivation and drive the old term “Drive On” becomes a thing of the past and as a result our activity level decreases as does our quality of life. Thats where Adaptive Cycling and RCPACC come in RCPACC strives to serve our veterans community by providing a support group to veterans that want to be more active through the Sport of Adaptive Cycling. We seek to provide Motivation to help Veterans become more physically active in spite of Disabilities that limit their mobility, we provide a brotherhood of Veterans who in many cases are dealing with the same issues that you may face as a Disabled Veteran

What are Adaptive Sports?

Adaptive sports are competitive or recreational sports for people with disabilities. ... However, they allow modifications necessary for people with disabilities to participate and many sports use a classification system that puts athletes with physical challenges on an even playing field with each other. (To see if your VA offers an Adaptive Sports Program Speak with your Local VA Recreation Therapist and ask about the Adaptive Sports Program and also the Adaptive Cycling Program if your VA does not offer these programs please speak with you local Patient Advocate or VA Director and encourage these programs be integrated into your local VA)

What is Adaptive Cycling?

Adaptive Cycling is a means for those with disabilities that prevent them from safely operating a traditional 2 wheeled upright Bicycle to continue being an active cyclist through the use of what is called Recumbent bikes. These bikes are Usually (But not always) 3 wheeled trikes and may have modifications made such as hand peddles, specialized foot peddles or a combination of the two, there are also many other accessories that can be added to allow a person with disabilities to enjoy cycling.
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