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Adaptive Cycling Club
Rollin’ Chili Peppers Adaptive Cycling Club
SPECIAL EVENTS Adaptive Adventures hosts VA Adaptive Cycling Clinic Location: Raymond G Murphy Medical Center (VAMC) Albuquereque NM Date: Oct 2end-4th Time 09:00 - 16:00 Great Clinic Thank you to all who came out to support the newest group of riders from the VAMC. Special thanks to Cat Ivie without her our VA’s adaptive cycling program would not exist. Also Special Thanks to Chris from Adaptive Adventures again he is insturmental inthe adaptive cycling program not only here but throughout the nation. Also to the staff of Two Wheel Drive They lost a whole Day of business just to come help us out and of course Hugh and his people from Esperonzas Bycicle SafteyEducation Ceter Advanced Cycling Day Sat Oct 5th 2019 Had a great ride With us were many Cycleist both on Adaptive Cycles and Two wheel cycles also with us were Hugh and his people from Esperonzas Bycicle SafteyEducation Ceter and our friends from Adaptive Adventures ARTS & CRAFTS SALE We are working out a schedual with bike in coffee for us to run a Arts and Crafts sale Late Summer early fall Spaces will run between $25.00 and $35.00 All Funds from spaces will go to support the club any money made by venders is thiers to keep. Registration will open in July so keep an eye out for announcements.