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RCPACC Helping Disabled Veterans Through Adaptive Cycling

RCPACC is an Adaptive Cycling Club dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life for Disabled Veterans We are located in Albuquerque NM and surrounding areas We work with the VAMC Adaptive sports programs, Adaptive Adventures Adaptive cycling clinic to educate and familiarize Disabled Veterans how their quality of life improves through adaptive cycling, and than provide those Veterans that complete the Adaptive Cycling Clinic through the VA with a community of other riders that have shared many of the same experiences and difficulties as a result of military service.

How does Adaptive Cycling Improve a Disabled Veterans quality

of life?

Many Veterans in general isolate because of issues with PTSD and Mobility, its just too stressful. Adaptive Cycling provides much needed exercise and can be very therapeutic both for physical and psychological ailments “For me personally before I started riding almost never left my home except to go for groceries or to a Dr appointment however Adaptive Cycling provided me a much needed active outlet and incentive to get out, Riding along the Bosque Trails is both relaxing and challenging, It is the best therapy I’ve had in 18 years.” -Troy Shelby-
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