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Common Types Of Adaptive Cycles

Tadpole Trike

Tadpole Trikes have two front wheels that steer. They have one rear wheel, which is driven by the pedals. Tadpole trikes tend to be lower, smaller, lighter, faster, sportier, easy to get into and out of and less expensive than the Delta trikes. They are stable, comfortable and typically more stable at higher speeds and are great for the short or distance riders. Many of these trikes are foldable to make storage and transport easier

Delta Trike

Delta Trikes have one wheel in front that does the steering. They usually drive one of the rear wheels; a few delta trikes like the Greenspeed Anura drive like both rear wheels. One-wheel drive delta trikes pull to one side when accelerating and climbing which can be annoying. One nice feature of a Delta Trike is that two or more Delta Trikes can link to form a tandem bike this is great for people who are vision impaired as they can ride with another rider who also has a delta the Deltas can link to make as long a “Delta Trike” train as you want The less expensive Delta trikes usually have over seat steering (OSS) They are usually higher, easier to get into and out of, larger, heavier, slower and less sporty. The least expensive recumbent trikes are Delta trikes.

hand Trike

both Delta and tadpole Trikes can be modified into Hand-cycle trikes. This allows those with more severe Mobility issues to still be able to enjoy cycling Hand cycling provides very similar health benefits to regular cycling subject to a few key differences between the major muscle groups being used. The benefits of cycling are well known thanks to it’s popularity as a sport and hobby One of the allocations of the government’s investment into transport infrastructure is on cycle routes across the country. These include the building of new routes, the segregation of pathways to accept bicycles and the provision of funding The benefits of hand cycling range through sporting, social, psychological and basic mobility.
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